Press Statement in response to the statement from the FAI

Press Statement
on behalf of Limerick Football Club

in response to this evening’s statement from the FAI

Monday 17th May 2010

Limerick FC would like to clarify certain matters in relation to the statement released by the FAI today, Monday 17th May.

Firstly, Limerick FC refutes completely the implication in point 4 of the FAI Statement that Limerick FC were aware on Thursday of last week of “third party commercial agreements which prevent it from granting the game in stadium with a capacity in excess of 15,000”. This is completely untrue and the first mention of a capacity restriction of 15,000 was made today in the FAI statement. Additionally, the Club wishes to reiterate that the official correspondence received from the Airtricity League Director made reference only to a clash of league fixtures. No other reasons were given in that correspondence.

With regard to point 3, it is completely within the rights of FC Barcelona to negotiate with other parties at this stage as Limerick FC was not in a position to sign the heads of agreement contract with FC Barcelona as a result of the failure of the FAI to sanction the game. Had the game been sanctioned the Club would have been in a position to sign this contract last week and thus negate the need for FC Barcelona to look at alternative arrangements.

With regard to point 6, which refers to Limerick FC being the only club to benefit from this friendly, stating: “The game Limerick FC have referred to would benefit just one club. The FAI is obliged to operate in the interests of the Airtricity League as a whole.” This contradicts point 8, where the FAI has acknowledged: “In recent times alone, we have granted permission to Celtic, Newcastle, Liverpool, Wolves, Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid, Hull City and Ipswich Town to play Airtricity League clubs and we will continue to do so.” These stated friendly matches have benefited fellow league members individually. Limerick FC fully supports our fellow league clubs’ right to raise much needed income in this manner and call on the FAI to clarify this point to ensure clubs can continue to benefit financially from such games.

Limerick FC would also like to confirm that there are no negotiations currently taking place with the FAI and no negotiations are planned at this stage.

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